As I’ve been chatting with folks about ArtsEd Washington, I sometimes get a blank stare back when I say that we’re an arts education advocacy organization. I admit it is a mouthful. Let me break it down.

ArtsEd Washington works to change policies and systems.

That still doesn’t quite project the nuances though. Let me try another way:

Why do we need ArtsEd Washington? Aren’t other people already doing this work? 

Teachers are great at teaching. Artists are great at creating and performing. We are great at paperwork, research, educating, coalition building and boisterous, joyful activism (specifically for arts education.)

How do we do that?

We teach teachers.

Through our Arts Lessons in the Classroom, we give tools to teachers K-5 to help support greater integration of quality visual arts content in the classroom. 

We mobilize arts activists.

With over 2000 folks opting in, we have a substantial state-wide network that can vote, assemble, and spark change in their communities.

We create lasting change through policy work.

If you change a system, you can change outcomes. We work with everyone from school boards to state legislators with the goal of changing institutional structures to support equitable arts education throughout Washington.

For 34 years ArtsEd Washington has been fighting for equitable arts education access across the state of Washington. While movements are built on the ground, they are more successful when there is some structure to support it. 

So please support us with a gift this holiday season. We have so much work to do and we are excited to do it.