Amidst severe budget cuts facing education, it is now – more than ever – that Washington state students need your voice. Make your expectation known that the arts, defined as part of the Basic Education Act, are being provided to all students.  Whether you’re new to advocacy efforts, or you’re a seasoned activist, ArtsEd Washington can help you make your voice heard.  Now is time to gain more tips, tools, and to turn your advocacy ideas into reality.

  • Arts education is an essential aspect to students’ success. Use our Making the Case article to ignite your advocacy efforts.
  • Is something unclear?  Need help defining your goals?  Look no further than our Advocacy Q&A’s. This is a great document to review when meeting with your school board members, principal, local media, or parent groups.
  • Be prepared.  Know your Arts Education Facts. Consider distributing this at back-to-school events and to your child’s arts educators.  Use the points in posters, fliers, and other communications that advertise arts events and performances at your school.
  • Reach out and initiate a conversation about the importance of keeping arts in schools. Start by Connecting With Your School Board when school reconvenes in the fall.  Find out when your school board or PTSA meets, plan to attend, and share the information you’ve learned and resources they can use.
  • Still have questions? We’re all ears and we’re here to help.

As an arts education advocate, you are a catalyst for change.  Here are some simple ways you can start spreading the word about arts education and make a big impact:

  • Connect with local arts businesses: Renting an instrument for your student’s band class?  Shopping for school art supplies?  Stocking up on costumes for the school play?  This is a great opportunity to talk with businesses about the importance of keeping arts education in schools.  Invite them to join your community’s advocacy efforts by becoming a Business Member of ArtsEd Washington.  Ask if they would help spread the word by sharing ArtsEd Washington resources – contact us to request materials!
  • Meet with school arts teachers and support their role in communicating the importance of arts education to parents and the wider school community.  Provide resources, or volunteer to coordinate communications efforts.
  • Show the beauty of the arts in your school. Take pictures, film events, and showcase the power of the arts in action.  Share arts education experiences with other parents, school board members, the PTSA, the local media, and around the community.
  • Share with us! We want to know about your school’s inspirational arts stories and efforts.  Tell us how arts education is impacting students and making a difference.  Your story could be featured in an upcoming issue of trACTION, on our website, or on our Facebook page!
  • Show your support for ArtsEd Washington: “Like” us on Facebook.  Follow our “tweets” on TwitterBecome a member.