Tune in to King County TV this week to learn more about how the arts are positively impacting schools in Washington state. This special 4Culture presentation features ArtsEd Washington and begins airing today through November 7 on cable channel 22. Air dates and times are as follows:

  • November 3:  8:30am
  • November 4:  10:00am
  • November 5:  10:00am
  • November 6:  9:30am
  • November 7:  4:00pm
  • November 9:  10:00 pm
  • November 11:  6:00 am
  • November 12:  10 pm
  • November 13:  9:30 am

To check this week’s screenings, check the King County TV Schedule or view online.

As a long-time community partner and primary funder of our Principals’ Arts Leadership (PAL) program, 4Culture takes an in-depth look at the positive impacts of PAL, working with principals as instructional leaders in the arts. The program examines how PAL is transforming Washington schools, such as Carnation Elementary, into a vibrant place of teaching and learning.

Carnation Elementary principal Doug Poage is featured and discusses his school’s implementation effort, the benefits of a having a directed school arts program and how integrating arts into learning is providing a deep and sustainable impact. Charlie Rathbun, Arts Program Director at 4Culture, and our Executive Director Una McAlinden discuss the focus on schools, community partnership and ArtsEd Washington’s mission to advance arts education. Paula Quinn, with Association of Washington School Principals, also shares her insights on PAL as a practical tool for principals to create sustainable improvements for their teachers and students.

Carnation Elementary school participated in ArtsEd Washington’s PAL program alongside other elementary schools in the Riverview School District including Cherry Valley Elementary, Stillwater Elementary and Eagle Rock Multi-Age Program. Principal Doug Poage and fellow Riverview principals Darcy Becker and Amy Wright, who completed PAL training together, have implemented their individual School Arts Plans, helping build district-wide capacity to teach the arts. Poage notes, “my love for the arts, my passion, was buried in all the logistics of running a school. Through the PAL program, it ignited that spark… this has been one of the few initiatives – over many years – that was enthusiastically embraced by teachers.”

Since the implementation of the program four years ago, Carnation Elementary has seen a 75 percent drop in discipline referrals. Riverview School District serves approximately 3,200 students and has attracted multi-year grant support to implement their School Arts Plans.

Learn more about our PAL program. 2011 program recruitment begins next spring. To register your interest, contact us at programs@artsedwashington.org.