Verizon Thinkfinity partner, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts re-launched its website for K-12 arts education, ARTSEDGE on October 2 with an emphasis on innovative technology to support the teaching of the arts and the changing trends in education. ARTSEDGE is dedicated to bringing the arts directly to K-12 classrooms across the country and is home to an amazing collection of free online resources including lesson plans, audio stories, video clips, and interactive online modules. The site is designed to leverage best practices in educational media and multimedia-supported instruction.

The site also has an exciting new portal for arts-active families and young people, and a fully-updated digital library of arts-centered resources.

“The redesign is a wonderful extension of the original ARTSEDGE mission, set over 15 years ago,” says Darrell M. Ayers, Vice President for Education at the Kennedy Center, “to connect people to people, to provide arts-centered learning experiences, and to lead the way in digitally-supported arts learning for all citizens.”

ArtsEd Washington is a member of the Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education Network.