American schools are in crisis. Students are graduating without the qualities that many employers most desire – creativity, open-mindedness, flexibility and the ability to think on one’s feet. Alas, schools have become institutions rather than learning centers. By focusing on tests and getting students prepared for them, the only true skill students learn is how to take a test, which is not learning at all. Recently, educators in China commented on the fact that they’ve been trying to revolutionize their teaching methods to be more conducive to learning by teaching students to think, but that they noticed America going backwards and using methods that China is trying to get away from like rote memorization and just learning facts and figures to be able to score well on a test. Kathy Hsieh, award-winning actor, writer and director, and community liaison for the Mayor’s Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs examines this trend in an editorial feature for the International Examiner magazine.

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