ArtsEd Washington recently became a member of The Network for Excellence in Washington Schools (NEWS) and a “Friend” of the Paramount Duty Coalition.

In becoming a member of NEWS, we are pleased to join more than 380 organizations across the state – including large and small school districts and a broad base of other civic and education organization such as the Washington State PTA, the League of Women Voters, and the Seattle Urban League – that are advocating and legally pursuing the State of Washington to live up to its paramount constitutional duty to make ample provision for the education of all Washington children

As a “friend” of the Paramount Duty Coalition, we stand supporting the efforts of the Association of Washington School Principals, the Public School Employees of Washington, the Washington Association of School Administrators, the Washington Education Association, and the Washington State School Directors Association in representing educators, policy leaders, and innovators dedicated to advancing educational excellence for all children and to ensuring that Washington state lives up to its constitutional “paramount duty” to amply fund K-12 schools.

We look forward to working with these statewide coalitions, representing the importance of arts education, and supporting full funding of a high quality 21st century education.