Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end. –Robin Sharma

Since 1983, ArtsEd Washington has been a relentless advocate for arts learning and helped schools develop, implement, and sustain great arts education.

We believe that art in all of its manifestations helps elevate us and bring us to new heights. But even from the lofts of creativity, we are not immune from what happens at the ground level.

Like many arts organizations, we’ve seen a reduction in some of our most consistent funding sources and will need to refocus our mission delivery to ensure our most essential functions are supported and maintained.

As part of that change, our three dedicated and talented office staff members Laurie, Carrie, and Kim have secured positions outside of the organization. Their work has been instrumental in furthering our mission of creating enduring system-wide change to ensure that every student in every school receives an arts education. Curriculum development, advocacy, and teacher support all grew in quality under their direction and hard work. We look forward to their continued involvement with the organization as advocates in the community, facilitators, and advisors.

To ensure that ArtsEd Washington continues to thrive, we have hired a part-time executive director, Danielle Gahl, to help guide us through this transition.

Image of Danielle Gahl, new Executive Director at ArtsEd Washington.

Danielle comes with a background in teaching, social services, non-profit management, and social media with experience guiding organizations in flux as both an Interim Executive Director and consultant. Over the coming weeks as she trains, her priorities will be fulfilling current contracts, maintaining program support, conducting an organizational audit, and advising the board on strategic planning.


As artists, we know from experience that times of change can also bring out our most vigorously creative and inspired work. So, it is with that vision we move forward with renewed purpose and enthusiasm to ensure that every student has access to quality art education across the state of Washington.

Thank you for your continued support!