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Our supporters come from a diverse spectrum of professional fields, geographic locations, and socio-economic means. Your school, organization, or business can demonstrate its commitment to arts education by becoming a member with ArtsEd Washington – the strong, shared voice of our supporters is the most effective tool we have to create change. Select one of the memberships below for more information:

School Memberships

Schools that are focusing on the arts are seeing benefits across the board! For over a decade, credible research has demonstrated that the inclusion of arts in school has a highly positive impact on students’ motivation, engagement and development of creative competencies—highly prized in today’s world. Help your students gain the arts advantage by enrolling as a School Member today. Become a School Member→ 

Professional Memberships

All of us play a role in helping children develop creative capacities to succeed in school and in life. Arts organizations are natural partners to schools in increasing the amount and quality of arts education available to our children. Local arts agencies play an integral role in the health and vitality of community-based arts scenes. Businesses support valued programs designed to strengthen teacher skills and help schools implement arts instruction as a regular part of their curricula. Become a Professional Member→