At their November 2010 meeting, the Washington State Board of Education approved by resolution the formal adoption of the provisional Washington State Graduation Requirements. Reflecting broad input gathered from around the state, the adopted requirements incorporate the addition of two arts credits, which by their inclusion effectively propel Washington state as a national leader in education requirements. Below are active links to more information.

“The approval of the Washington State Graduation Requirements is a big win for and a benefit to all students in Washington state. It reaffirms that the arts are a crucial part of a complete K-12 education and is an essential step in efforts to prepare our students for life and work in a world where creativity and innovation are critical keys to success. Credible research has been available for some time that demonstrates consistently better outcomes for students highly involved in the arts. The action taken by the State Board of Education commits to that that success. Our state now ranks top in the nation for arts education requirements and this key step taken will ensure that arts are an integral part of their school day for every student in every school throughout Washington. We look forward to working with our state legislature to gain their support for full funding of this important initiative.”

~Una McAlinden
Former Executive Director
ArtsEd Washington

“In its adoption of the new graduation requirements, the State Board of Education has demonstrated its strong vision for a complete education and for all learners in our state. Washington is now the first state in the nation to require two credits in the arts as part of high school graduation requirements. The inclusion of these credits provides increased opportunity for exposure to arts programs in our public schools, which are critical in fostering student creativity and innovation. As we applaud the Board, we also extend our appreciation to arts partners throughout the state who advocated for the arts and helped make these requirements a reality. We offer a special thank you to ArtsEd Washington, the Washington State Arts Commission, and the Washington State Arts Alliance for their collaboration throughout the process. We are all ready and looking forward to the opportunity to offer more arts and rich school experience to all students.”

~AnnRené Joseph
Program Supervisor
The Arts, OSPI