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We aim to make emailing your School Board Candidates a quick and painless process!

First, get your candidates’ contact info here. Be sure to send the request to all the candidates running in your district.

Then, you can either use our simple step-by-step components to build your own email or you can adapt the template email below to suit you. Here are the basic components of our template email:

— Salutation
— Start with the purpose of your email
— Identify yourself and your district, including the role(s) that you play in the community (parent, business owner, volunteer, etc.)
— Mention any group in which you participate (show strength in numbers)
— Tell them why the arts are important
— Reiterate your request and share the survey link:
— Explain how their responses will be shared
— Signature


Use this easy template to personalize your email to candidates.

Watch for Those Responses 

Be sure to check back from time to time to see which candidates have responded and what they say about arts education.


Template Email

Dear [Name of Candidate],

I am writing to invite you to respond to a brief survey on the topic of arts education. I am sending the survey to all our School Board candidates to give each of you an opportunity to share with the community your position on the provision of this core subject before we vote this Fall.

I live in your district and [my children attend or attended _____ school (OR) the children in my neighborhood attend ____ school]. As a [parent/voter/business owner/YOUR profession/etc.] in your community, I am  very interested in the provision of arts education to all our district’s students as part of their complete education.

I am also a member of our local [PTA/Rotary/Chamber of Commerce/Arts Commission/network that serves or is active in the local community] and I know that many others in my network share these concerns.

The arts are part of the state definition of basic education, and are critical to the development of important attributes and capacities that will help our community’s children be successful in school, work, and life. These include, for example, key 21st century skills like creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration.

Because the arts are such an important part of a complete education for our students, I hope that you will take a few minutes to inform our community about your perspectives on this vital topic. Please follow the link below and complete the survey as soon as possible.

ArtsEd Washington, the statewide arts education nonprofit, will compile the responses from all candidates in all districts across the state, and share the responses via their website, Facebook, and other electronic media.

Thank you for your commitment to serve the youth and families of our school district. I know that a creative, informed, and engaged School Board is essential to shaping the best education possible for our children.


[Your Name & Contact Info]



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