Thank you for your commitment to seek election to your district’s Board of Directors! Your service to the students in your community will impact lives for decades to come and can improve the quality of life for many people in your community.

ArtsEd Washington knows that a creative and well-informed School Board is critical to this work. We prepared this page as a resource to help you become more familiar with the value of a complete education — one that includes the arts.

What does the law say about arts education?

According to RCW 28A.150.210, The Basic Education Act, the goals of each school district shall be to provide opportunities for every student to develop the knowledge and skills essential to: …(2) Know and apply the core concepts and principles of mathematics; social, physical, and life sciences; civics and history, including different cultures and participation in representative government; geography; arts; and health and fitness.

Current arts education research can be found here.

Resources cited in the School Board Candidate Survey

  • Arts Education Research Initiative 2009 Washington State Arts Commission: This report is based on a survey of K-12 principals and provides information about the vital role that arts learning plays in K-12 education and identifies the gaps and strengths in our system. Most importantly, it outlines steps for improving arts learning for Washington State students.
  • ArtsEdSearch, a program of the Arts Education Partnership, is the nation’s first online research clearinghouse focused entirely on student and educator outcomes associated with arts learning.
  • NextAmericaThis latest research bulletin from AEP offers a snapshot of how the arts support achievement in school, bolster skills demanded of a 21st century workforce, and enrich the lives of young people and communities. It draws on the research in AEP’s ArtsEdSearch.

Other useful links:

  • Arts Education Navigator (Americans for the Arts): This study illuminates how arts education helps students stay in school, succeed in school, succeed in life, and succeed in work.

We hope you will consider ArtsEd Washington as a resource on arts education and its role in a complete education. We are here to support your leadership and help you be well informed around issues that advance or adversely impact the equitable and sequential provision of arts learning during the school day.

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