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School Board Directors have tremendous impact on the quality and direction of education in local schools.

The School Board Candidate Survey on Arts Education will help voters make informed decisions in the fall by providing insights into which candidates understand the importance of arts education and are committed to the provision of high quality arts learning. You can play a vital role in engaging your candidates about the arts. We’re making it easy.

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3!

1. Sign-up today as a smARTS Champion for Arts Education.

2. Check your inbox for a confirmation email containing a link to the survey and a simple email template you can personalize. We’ll also provide a user-friendly list of candidate contacts for your district.

3. Send your personalized email to each of the candidates in your local district (keep it simple — use the same email for each candidate!), then stay tuned for their responses to be posted on our website.

Curious what you’ll be asking? See the survey questions here.

We’ll keep you posted as candidates respond and we’ll share all the answers, unedited, online for voters to reference when filling out their ballots.

See below for more details and sign-up to be a smARTS Champion today!


School Boards hold the keys to arts education!

With hundreds of Washington school board positions up for election this fall, voters have a critical opportunity to select leaders who are committed to providing the high quality, sequential arts learning that every student deserves (and that the law requires)! But how will voters know which candidates support arts education and are willing to work to improve its provision? 

ArtsEd Washington is sponsoring a School Board Candidate Survey on Arts Education.

We’re asking every concerned education/arts advocate in every school district to sign on as a smARTS Champion, pledging to ask their school board candidates to complete the survey and go on the record on arts education. ArtsEd Washington will then post all candidate responses online for voters to consider before making their school board decisions.

Become a smARTS Champion!

Sign-up today to contact your district’s school board candidates, let them know that you value arts education, and ask them to take the survey.

You can make a difference.

As a smARTS Champion, you can make a difference for every child in your school district by:

  1. Getting your candidates on the record with their positions regarding arts education
  2. Educating your candidates on the importance of arts education and that the arts are core (required by law as part of the state definition of basic education)
  3. Demonstrating to candidates the importance that you and others in your community place on arts education in the schools

We’ll make it EASY for you!

We promise to:

  • Help you find your candidates
  • Provide an email template, with the survey link included, that you can customize for your message to the candidates
  • Give you easy ways to spread the word to others –  parents, educators, and community members who care about a complete education; one that includes the arts
  • Keep you updated on the project and who has responded
  • Share the candidate responses online in a timely way so you can consider their responses when casting your ballot



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