The Principals Arts Leadership (PAL) program is a powerful extension of our mission. By promoting leadership, partnership, and communication, PAL mobilizes stakeholders and advances arts education in Washington state schools.

PAL increases the provision of high quality arts education.

The goal is to build and support systemic change in public elementary schools so that all students can benefit from the vital role of arts learning in a complete education.

We work directly with each school’s leadership.

We recognize the school principal as the instructional leader in the arts and offer the support needed to sustain powerful arts programming. Working with each school’s leadership, PAL helps develop an ongoing annual plan for arts education and provides the tools to get there.

PAL catalyses sustainable change

  • PAL guides principals, teachers, schools, and districts as they grow and sustain arts instruction as an integral component of elementary school education—now and into the future.
  • PAL serves principals by supporting, inspiring, and focusing their interest and commitment to student learning through the arts.
  • PAL serves teachers by connecting them with quality professional development and peer learning around arts instruction.
  • PAL serves students by expanding their knowledge of the world and their learning potential as their schools incorporate more high quality arts into their educational experience.
  • PAL serves school districts by providing resources to assist them in improving school instruction with the arts and connecting them to quality arts programs.
  • PAL serves state-wide arts education goals by building and linking a coalition of school leaders who value arts education and who, through PAL, can develop the knowledge and ability to support and advance systemic change.

Read and share our PAL brochure!

Applications are being accepted for the new district-level implementation model of PAL. Use PAL to support every school in your district in planning for and providing high-quality, sustainable arts education. For more information, email