These quotes influence and inspire our dialog:

Jeff Newport

“Parents are increasingly able to articulate the benefits of the arts for their children. They see ways that the arts enhance their learning of academic subjects. They see the development of skills such as persistence, preparation and presentation. And, importantly, they see them developing a love of the arts!” Jeff Newport, Rosa Parks Lake Washington

Leita Earl

“The arts can open pathways of learning and encourage confidence in children. One of our fourth grade students has been visibly touched by the arts. She started the year hesitant to make new friends – uncomfortable to share orally with her class. Through her exposure to the arts, she smiles during dance activities and is

Mike Sellers

“Every time I observe an integrated arts lesson in a classroom, I find our highest levels of student engagement. Whether it is readers’ theater or a visual art component to math, reading, or social studies, many of our students who struggle with behavior or engagement issues rise to the top and then this carries over

George Wood

"We agree that math and reading skills are important for citizens. So is the study of history, the ability to create a reasoned argument, the arts, research skills, the list goes on. An education system, a system of public schools, must not narrow itself to the lowest common denominator of improving test scores in the

First Lady Michelle Obama

"Learning through the arts reinforces critical academic skills in reading, language arts and math and provides students with the skills to creatively solve problems." First Lady Michelle Obama

Margaret Mead

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead

Randy Dorn

"The Arts – dance, music, theatre and visual arts – are basic and core subject areas and are essential to the well-rounded education of the whole child." Randy Dorn, Superintendent of Public Instruction

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