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ArtsEd Seeks New Board Members

ArtsEd Washington is a nonprofit organization that helps public schools support arts education. Founded in 1982 as the Washington Alliance for Arts Education, we have a proud history of communicating the benefits of arts education, increasing educators’ capacity to incorporate arts education into the school day, and helping community members express their support for arts

2 Minute Art Activism

  So, you want to change the world. You want to have your school board candidates listen up and support the arts. You want to take action! But you’ve never done it before....and you only have two minutes. Just follow these easy steps and you will be on your way. Find your candidate’s email address.

Public Comments Sought for State Education Plan

OSPI has released the Revised ESSA Consolidated Plan (and a summary document), which is the report our state is required to make to the U.S. Department of Education to define Washington State’s approach to the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). The plan has a strong focus on accountability goals and metrics, and how OSPI will

Take 5 with Manny Cawaling

A community is like a tapestry; a composition of uncountable threads - of different colors, textures, and origins - that are woven together to create a beautiful and vibrant scene. Imagine one of the threads begins to fray; starting at one corner, making its way across the tapestry, eventually unraveling the threads surrounding it.  Within

Take 5 with Jessica Holloway

Teachers are one of the most influential figures in a student's life.  This could not be more true than when it comes to arts teachers, whose instruction has the ability to unlock creativity and empower their students.  Such an experience can inspire a student so deeply, that the rest of their life path is guided

Take 5 with Cassandra Town

Did you know that it takes only 7 or 8 personal connections to catch a legislator’s attention? Our individual efforts have a collective impact! Making your voice heard counts and here’s an example of a time when this really worked. Two years ago, just as the reporting on the arts assessments (CBPAs) became mandatory, a

Take 5 with Bellevue’s Interlake Students

As all students involved in the arts will tell you, arts programs provided in and during the school day play an important role in providing outlets to express creativity and find inspiration. In addition, studies have shown that participation in arts programs nurtures critical thinking and complex problem solving abilities, helping students develop the knowledge

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