Thanks to your terrific efforts, many School Board candidates have responded to the School Board Candidate Survey on Arts Education and their responses are now online.



(The survey page requires JavaScript to be enabled in your browser. If a blank blue screen appears, please enable JavaScript.)

First select your county, then click on your district to see who has replied and what they said.

(If your county or district is grayed out, then no one signed up to contact candidates in your district about the survey.)

If all of your candidates have not yet responded, now is a great time to send them an email so they know how important this issue is in their community and to their voters. Even if you haven’t been involved until now, this is the perfect way to add your voice! Here’s the original list of candidates so you can check what responses are missing and send an email only to those who haven’t participated yet.

Remember, even unopposed candidates need to hear from you. They need to know that their community values arts education and is looking to them to provide leadership in this essential area of learning!

And if your candidates have responded, why not send them a thank you email for giving this issue the attention it deserves?

Thanks to our many smARTS Champions for all your efforts to make this important initiative a reality!