Arts Program Manager
Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction

Anne Banks leads the Arts Program at the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), a position that places her front and center as an arts-in-education advocate in Washington State. This position follows seven years at OSPI during which she worked intensively on the development of academic standards across all the core subjects. In 2011, she played a leadership role during the review, roll out and online publication of the state’s Arts standards. As she joined OSPI in 2004, Anne left a 30-year teaching career, which honed her ability to help young students express themselves through standards-based learning projects incorporating the arts. Anne brings a deep understanding of the integration potential for arts-related disciplines across curricula aligned with an insider’s knowledge of how the system works and how to get things done. Anne holds an M.A. in Professional Development from Heritage University and a B.A in Education from Central Washington University.