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Enrollment for the Arts Standards Workshop on April 24th in Seattle is open!
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When standards are released, it can overwhelm teachers that are already stretched thin. However, in our one-day Arts Standards Workshop, our instructors break the standards into what they are meant to be– A tool that will help teachers enrich their teaching practice and in a clear and immediately usable way.

Through an in-depth professional development session, participants will gain the conceptual framework of the new Washington State Arts Standards, understand how the standards grow student creativity, and use the standards to design meaningful assessments and authentic learning activities.

All instructors are members of the Arts Cadre responsible for developing the K-12 Arts Standards as well as former classroom teachers. Their unique perspectives as both administrators and educators help bridge the gap between the theoretical and the practical and gives your teachers direct access to the thoughts behind each standard.

Download the Washington State Arts Standards.

This comprehensive session provides an excellent foundation in arts concepts. Key elements include:

  • How do Artists Work?
  • Enduring Understanding that gives Purpose to Learning
  • The Essential Questions that Fuel Student Curiosity
  • Anchor Standards and the Concept of Mastery
  • Using the Five Artistic Processes to Grow Creativity
  • Using the Standards to Design Meaningful Assessment
  • Using the Standards to Design Engaging Learning Activities
  • Using the Standards to Drive Professional Growth
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