How to Start Advocating for the Arts in your schools

Are you interested in advocating for arts education in the schools in your community, but don’t know where to start? We have some pointers for you.
Talking to your school board and other decision-makers about the importance of arts education is easy when you’ve got all the info at your fingertips.
First, let’s start with answering three questions:
Who should you be talking to?
We all have local-state-federal legislators who make policy and funding decisions that affect us.
Not sure who yours are or how to contact them?
Find all the current Legislative information and you officials at the Inspiration League website.
What do you want to say?
Ready to meet with your legislator, but do not know how to talk to them? Prepare for your meeting by learning what issues your legislator cares most about. Elected and business leaders appreciate economic impact, benefits to business, and arts and community development.
Track current legislations on the Inspiration League website.
How to say want you want to say?
When you are preparing your case for the arts, remember The Golden Rule: No numbers without a story, and no stories without a number.
The arts are all about stories—often small, always meaningful. Share yours. It is engages and draws your listener in—and then pair it with the research-based ArtsEd Washington Field Guide. Yours will be an advocacy visit that is not soon forgotten!

During the 2020 Legislative session ArtsEd Washington, in partnership with Inspire Washington, was focused on the Equitable Arts Access.
Our three arts education requests:
Equitable Funding
The request : Create an equitable funding system that targets resources based on student needs.
Data Dashboard
The request : Fully fund a state-wide arts data dashboard.
Arts Integration and Early Learning Program
The request : Support ArtsWA’s Arts Integration and Early Learning Program.
The result : Conversations were started this session about the lack of clear data regarding arts education delivery statewide and the limited resources for students and schools. Legislators were educated on the King County Data Dashboard with a specific focus on the need for statewide expansion.

Advocates amplified the League of Education Voter’s Equitable Funding ask as well as prepared legislators for ArtsWA’s Arts Integration and Early Learning Program ask for next year. These items will likely be pursued further next legislation session.

COVID brought some challenges and restriction into the legislative process, and we will keep pushing forward.

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