Since our founding in 1982, ArtsEd Washington has advanced a shared vision of the arts as an integral part of student learning. We are working to create systemic change in how arts education is perceived, funded, and taught in our schools. And we are having an impact because we remain flexible and responsive.

We deploy a three-pronged approach to activating change:

  • Catalyzing community as active voices that include the arts in the education discussion
  • Connecting educators and schools with the resources they need to create and implement effective arts education programs
  • Fostering school-community partnerships to encourage and support school-led arts initiatives

Our strategy weaves five core areas of focus:

  • Leadership — serving as the collective voice for arts education in the state, monitoring local and national issues and responding accordingly, and facilitating dialogue on issues that impact arts education
  • Networking and Communication — aligning the efforts of state and local networks, coalitions and partnerships in sharing of resources
  • Partnership — working closely with other major agencies and membership groups (such as the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, Washington State Arts Alliance, Washington State Arts Commission, 4Culture, Washington State PTA, and Washington Education Association) toward our common goal to improve education
  • Advocacy — mobilizing community members active voices influencing decisions that impact arts education at the school, local, state, and national levels
  • Professional development — building leadership capacity among school and community representatives