ArtsEd Washington creates enduring system-wide change to ensure that the arts play an integral role in the education of every child in every school. Learning the arts keeps students engaged in school, improves their academic success and ignites the creativity that develops them into leaders in work and in life.

Arts education matters:

The arts are a required core academic subject under Washington state law, yet chronic underfunding of our public education system causes the arts to be provided inconsistently and sparsely across the state. That means students in Washington are not receiving the education they’ve been promised and that they deserve. That’s why…

ArtsEd Washington is a relentless advocate for arts learning in schools:

  • Research shows that low-income students gain great academic benefit form learning the arts in school, but they are the least likely to receive arts education. We stand up for all students to make sure that a lack of financial resources never keeps a single child from an education that includes the arts.
  • We educate parents, educators, communities, and policymakers about inequities in arts learning.
  • We act as a statewide watchdog to ensure that arts education is incorporated equitably, sustainably, and holistically into the basic education program of every school district in the state.

ArtsEd Washington helps schools and school districts develop, implement, and sustain great arts education:

  • State laws, rules, and regulations about the arts in public schools are complex. We help school districts figure out what’s required and then help them plan and provide outstanding arts education in their schools.
  • ArtsEd Washington trains principals to understand the value of arts learning and to engage their teachers, parents, and communities in providing high quality arts learning to students.
  • We guide school districts in creating vibrant, inventive, and engaging arts programs that make schools more effective and exciting places to learn.

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