*Clarification* This report is required by RCW 28A.230.095 but should be treated as a slice instead of a statistically sound report of the number of students involved in arts. Like a customer satisfaction survey, it does not necessarily capture all the data and is best viewed with an eye towards year-to-year change.

OSPI has released its current arts data here.

We’re on a bit of a rollercoaster. Some numbers are seeing a marked improvement– middle school dancers have something to boogie about as do the theatre kids in high schools. Media arts is a thing! There are thousands of more kids assessed in arts classes than there were the previous year. THOUSANDS!

As an artist, I’m also a math person though and the numbers overall aren’t great.

There are 1,088,959 students in Washington. Please check my math, but according to my calculator, that means 397,790 students were assessed in any arts last year.

That’s only 36%

(We haven’t even started getting into the granularity of whether some kids are in more than one art class.)

There were 18,123 students in dance. (That is down from 22,164 the previous year.)

There were 35,462 in Media Arts.

There were 195,178 in Music.

There were 29,359 in Theatre.

There were 119,668 in Visual Arts.

Washington students deserve better. We can do better.

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