Key Features CoverCornerstones of Creative Capacity (C3) is a research project designed to support equity in arts education by (1) identifying the current arts education infrastructure reality in school districts throughout King County, Washington and (2) determining infrastructure essentials to sustain arts education as defined by state policy and law.

The districts in this study ranged from urban to suburban to rural. Our largest district serves 52,836 students while the smallest serves just 42. These districts represent a microcosm of the school districts throughout our state in their size, diversity, geography, and resources.

6 Key Features

Read the Six Key Features for Equity in Arts Education

The Six Key Features for Equity in Arts Education were identified through this research. They are intended as guideposts to support administrators, educators, and partners in the provision of high quality arts education equitably to all students within their districts. We encourage you to engage deeply with this material and to share widely among colleagues, advocates, funders, and community partners.

More information on this project, as well as the detailed findings and implications, can be found in the Cornerstones of Creative Capacity Full Report from which the Key Features are drawn.

We gratefully acknowledge the time and participation of superintendents, curriculum directors, and other district leaders from all 19 King County school districts who generously shared their insights with our project researchers. We also thank our many community partners and colleagues across King County and Washington state who provided invaluable support to this project. Thank you!

Cornerstones of Creative Capacity is supported, in part, by an award from