As district budgets are coming out, it is clear that the Arts are in danger. Based on calls we’ve received from across the state, arts partnerships, classes, and teachers are being cut, and one district is looking at a 20% reduction in their entire budget.

To quote The Seattle Times, “What’s to blame? Some school leaders cite the state’s continued underfunding of special education. Others complain about the unintended consequences of school-finance reforms passed in 2017. The most vocal districts, meanwhile, blame the Legislature’s decision to offset a hike in the statewide property tax to pay for the McCleary fix with a new set of caps on local tax collections that districts rely on to pay for salaries and programs not covered by the state budget.”

No matter what is to blame, it is up to our elected officials to fix it. Our schools and our kids deserve fully funded education now.

The short term solution would be to restore the local levy flexibility.

The long term solution is to authentically, fully fund education at the state level.

Whichever one you believe is the best path forward, now is the time to demand that that legislature meet their obligation and ensure that our schools get funding.

Introverts– don’t fear! You can call your reps evenings and weekends and leave a message. Then, get your friends to dial their reps because we can make an impact with just 25 calls.

Take 5 minutes, make a call, reward yourself after!