Up For Discussion: the Future of Arts Education

“People see the arts as entertainment or a fringe benefit, but they don’t see them as being critical to our children’s future,” said the moderator of a recent panel discussion held at Art Center Sarasota.  Topics discussed included the value of a solid arts curriculum in programs and schools, as well as various studies that

Survey Says: Arts Graduates Find Work and Happiness

“My current job relies on problem-solving, troubleshooting, attention to detail, persistence, focus, staying on task, accomplishing goals, being professional, understanding your audience – all skills developed at art school,” stated one of over 13,000 respondents in a survey, Forks in the Road: The Many Paths of Arts Alumni, conducted by the Strategic National Arts Alumni

What’s Arts Education Month & What’s My Role?

Arts Education Month is a special opportunity in Washington state to publicly spotlight the critical role of arts learning in a complete and balanced education, and demonstrate the value of arts education to elected officials and school boards. We cannot define a complete education without the arts. In a world where innovation and creativity are

Highline School District: Ensuring Equitable Access to Arts Learning

Highline School District continues making progress on their thoughtful and systemic work to ensure equitable provision of arts learning to all students. In recognition of the need to attend to arts education, and in response to concerns raised by parents, Highline Superintendent John Welch established a Superintendent’s Council on the Arts in the fall of

Parents and Students Rally to Save the Arts in Florida

The Tampa Tribune, April 12, 2011 As the Pasco County School Board deliberated over what programs to cut, over 500 parents, students, and teachers attended a series of town hall meetings to advocate for arts education.  Read how these arts advocates came together and what you can do at your next School Board meeting.

Kevin Spacey Advocates for Arts Education Funding

Examiner.com, April 6, 2011 Actor Kevin Spacey has been on the arts advocacy circuit: he spoke at Capitol Hill commemorating Arts Advocacy Day, gave the keynote address at the Nancy Hanks Lecture on Arts and Public Policy at the Kennedy Center, and made an appearance on Hardball with Chris Matthews – all to advocate for

It’s a Fact: the Demand for Creativity is on the Rise

Read about the important role that art and design plays in our everyday lives.  The Ringling College of Art and Design presents data that indicates just how influential the arts are on our economic well-being and future. Learn more about how arts funding in our own state is in jeopardy and find out how you