School Board Candidates Survey on the Arts is Live!

School Boards hold the key to arts education

Candidates- Take the Survey

Voters- Find Your Candidate

With hundreds of Washington school board positions up for election this fall, voters have a critical opportunity to select leaders who are committed to providing the high quality, sequential arts learning that every student deserves to develop vital 21st-century skills.

How will voters know which candidates support arts education and are willing to work to improve its provision?

ArtsEd Washington is sponsoring a School Board Candidate Survey on Arts Education.
On October 20th, we will then post candidate responses online for voters to consider before making their school board decisions.

You can help:

Ask your school board candidates to take the survey;
Ask candidates their positions regarding arts education;
Educate your candidates on the importance of arts education and that the arts are core (required by law as part of the state definition of basic education); and
Share your views on the importance of arts education in schools.

Need some resources? Check our Advocacy page for more information.

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