Artist Employment On the Rise – Will Students Be Prepared?

A recent Research Note, Artist Employment Projections through 2018, from the National Endowment for the Arts’ Office of Research and Analysis examines the projected growth of artist occupations through 2018.  The research indicates that art occupations will increase by 11%, which is similar to the rate projected for overall labor force growth (over 10%).  In the meantime, as education budgets are slashed and art is pulled from the classroom, students will continue to be challenged in being prepared to meet the demand for creative skills in the near future.  Help ensure that art is kept in the classroom today advocate for arts education and become a member of ArtsEd Washington.

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    • Gary Kipp

      “As they develop into arts leaders, PAL participants are emerging as stronger, more dedicated, more effective principals. And, because the PAL model emphasizes shared leadership, these principals are building programs of success that can be sustained for years to come.”

      Gary Kipp