Arts Education Month

May is Arts Education Month in Washington state. Every community can be part of this month-long recognition of the relevance of arts learning for every student. Use our toolkit to raise awareness about arts education in your community: secure a city or county proclamation, use the arts education month logo on your website, and bring talking points to your school board meeting.

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  • It’s a win for every student and every school!

    State Board of Education Approves Increased Arts Requirements for High School Graduation The Board’s decision helped culminate a week-long national celebration of the arts, as schools, students, and communities [...]

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  • Check out Art Lessons in the Classroom

    ArtsEd Washington developed Art Lessons in the Classroom to provide visual art curriculum for elementary schools that is aligned with Washington state standards.This comprehensive and sequential visual arts curriculum provides an excellent foundation in visual arts concepts.

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  • In Spring 2012, our partners at 4Culture featured Executive Director Una McAlinden to discuss our Principals Arts Leadership (PAL) Program in their blog.  Reflecting on the needs of principals, and questioning how the arts could be more readily provided to students, Una recalls how the idea of the leadership based capacity-building program emerged.

    Now heading into it’s ninth year, PAL continues to thrive thanks to the support of 4Culture, and has recently launched recruitment for the new cohort of schools for Fall 2012.  Learn more about PAL and it’s continuous efforts in 4Culture’s blog.

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