Advocacy Tip: Be Part of the Solution

“Far too often…policymakers receive the message of what not to do. While there is value in saying “don’t cut this program,” it’s only one side of the equation.  What do you want policymakers to do?”

Writes Executive Director Danielle Brazell in her blog post from Arts for LA, Why Being “In the Solution” Matters. Echoing our collaborative approach to advocacy, Brazell describes how advocacy messages that are positive in tone and include engaged citizens as part of the solution will have a greater impact on policy makers.  Read her post, and consider how incorporating this approach with our Advocacy Tools will make a difference for arts education programs in your community.

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    • Mike Sellers

      “Every time I observe an integrated arts lesson in a classroom, I find our highest levels of student engagement. Whether it is readers’ theater or a visual art component to math, reading, or social studies, many of our students who struggle with behavior or engagement issues rise to the top and then this carries over to the rest of their work.”

      Mike Sellers
      Armin Jahr, Bremerton School District