Arts Education Month Toolkit


May is Arts Education Month and our toolkit can help you get started with your outreach efforts. Below, access sample speaking points, letters, resolutions, and proclamations that help make it easy to connect with your district and community leaders.

  • AEM Speaking Points: Use the speaking points as a guide in preparing speeches, announcements, and other correspondence. They can also be used as posts on your social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. to promote Arts Education Month.
  • AEM Sample Resolution Request to School Board Directors: Use this letter to request support of Arts Education Month through proclamation or resolution. When approaching your school board, the ideal time is in April and the best approach is to make your request in person. When attending a School Board meeting in person, try to bring a group and wear matching badges or carry folders with a message of “Arts Education Month” to show strength of support for your request.
  • AEM Sample Proclamation/Resolution: Add to or edit the resolution to suit your local community or School Board. Present along with the letter of request (above) or make your request in person at a School Board or City Council meeting, or personal meeting with your community leader(s).
  • AEM Sample Decision-Maker Invitation: Data is important and research studies can be persuasive, but nothing impacts a decision-maker like the power of watching “arts learning in action.” School Boards have the greatest impact on what happens for the students in your district. Inviting these decision-makers into the classroom is an important step in seeking their support and leadership in ensuring the ongoing provision of arts learning for every student in every school in your district.
  • AEM Sample Decision-Maker Thank You: Saying thank you is a crucial part of advocacy. Use this opportunity to recap the visit, position yourself as a resource, and to continue the conversation. This message can also be delivered in person during the public comment section of a school board meeting. It will then be heard by all other attendees and be recorded in the meeting minutes. Bringing some students – armed with art work and hand written thank you notes adds significantly to the impact.
  • AEM Sample Press Release: Send the press release to your local community paper. You may also consider inviting a local reporter to come to your event.  Ideally, newspapers like events that can provide good photo opportunities.  Follow up with your local paper after sending the press release to inquire about their interest/attendance.  If they are unable to come, offer to follow up with a high-resolution photo and details on what happened during the event.
  • Arts Education Month Logos: Use these logos in your letters and programs and on your website to show your support for Arts Education Month. Right click your preferred logo size and click “Save Image As”.

 Hi-res Logo                   Lo-res Logo

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Arts Education Month is made possible with the support and partnership of


Arts Education Month is also supported, in part, by a grant from the Washington State Arts Commission (now also known as “ArtsWA”) and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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  • News & Events

  • It’s a win for every student and every school!

    State Board of Education Approves Increased Arts Requirements for High School Graduation The Board’s decision helped culminate a week-long national celebration of the arts, as schools, students, and communities [...]

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  • Check out Art Lessons in the Classroom

    ArtsEd Washington developed Art Lessons in the Classroom to provide visual art curriculum for elementary schools that is aligned with Washington state standards.This comprehensive and sequential visual arts curriculum provides an excellent foundation in visual arts concepts.

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  • Enroll in ArtsEd Washington’s Principals Arts Leadership (PAL) program for Fall 2012!

    We invite you to join with elementary school principals from around the region who are committed to empowering their schools with the creative foundations of learning – pivotal to delivering a complete education to every student.

    With approximately 63 percent of principals noting their dissatisfaction with the quantity of arts education in their schools*, ArtsEd Washington is delivering tools and resources that are enabling elementary school principals to directly lead their schools arts efforts and impact change in arts learning opportunities for their students.

    “As they develop into arts leaders, PAL participants are emerging as stronger, more dedicated, more effective principals. And, because the PAL model emphasizes shared leadership, these principals are building programs of success that can be sustained for years to come.”  -Gary Kipp, Executive Director, Association of Washington School Principals

    ArtsEd Washington’s PAL program is designed to increase schools’ overall capacity to teach arts to all students.  It is an opportunity for elementary school principals to participate in a nationally recognized, three-year arts leadership program and receive hands-on support and coaching from program mentors who have previously completed the program.

    PAL has been carefully designed to guide, support, and provide the foundation for successful integration of school arts programming through the following elements:

    • Establishing a School Arts Team** consisting of teachers, parents, and community members
    • Guiding principals and their teams through a comprehensive visioning process, goal setting, and creation of a school Arts Plan and timeline
    • Supporting implementation of the school Arts Plan
    • Implementing strategies to sustain arts education initiatives and shared dynamic leadership at the building level

    As program slots fill quickly, early registration is strongly encouraged.  Complete the online application to register your interest.

    Please contact Bruce Hall, ArtsEd Washington’s Director of Programs, at

    Read and share our PAL brochure.

    Read principals’ experiences to learn more about the PAL program.

    *K-12 Arts Education: Every Student, Every School, Every Year. Washington State Arts Commission 2009

    **Principals and their school Arts Team receive on-hands support and coaching from program mentors – other principals or district arts coordinators who are alumnus of the  PAL program

    Photo credits:
    Top:  Arts Impact lesson at PAL school, Kimball Elementary.
    Middle:  Seattle Dance Project at PAL Alum, Parkwood Elementary.
    Bottom:  PAL Arts Team training workshop, ArtsEd Washington.

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