It began as an idea—Arts Education Week—and bloomed into a month-long celebration nourished by diverse partners and supporters. Now, everyone can be part of the action. May is Washington State’s Arts Education Month, a time to celebrate and strengthen arts education in our schools for all students.

Arts Education Month is more than symbolic. It’s more than just a proclamation to hang on the wall. It is a month-long public celebration of the creative endeavors taking place in our schools and in our community arts organizations. It is a way to show the community – as well as policy makers – how the arts are making a difference in education.

This is why ArtsEd Washington invites you to join the statewide campaign in May. It’s a perfect time to demonstrate the value of arts education and invite your elected officials into your schools to witness and recognize the power of learning in the arts.

Community participation is critical to the success of Arts Education Month. Our dedicated partners include Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) Arts and Washington State Arts Commission. Join us in the efforts to:

  • Acknowledge the powerful role of arts education in the lives of our students, schools, communities, and workforce.
  • Promote the arts in our schools as integral to a complete education.
  • Take action to provide equitable access to the arts for all students.
  • Celebrate the arts and its contribution to humankind.

There are many ways to be involved whether you’re a parent, a teacher, an artist, or a student such as:

  • Let ArtsEd Washington know about events going on in your community during May so that we can help promote them.
  • Engage with your local school board representatives and elected officials. Invite them to your school or a school performance to see arts learning in action.
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local paper. Let them know arts education is a core component in our state’s definition of basic education and that a complete education cannot be defined without the arts.

You can use our Arts Education Month Tool Kit to help you get started and read past Proclamations and Resolutions for examples. Find out what Arts Education Month is all about and what you can do to participate.

Visit our 2017 Proclamations and Resolutions page to see a growing list of our friends’ and partners’ declarations of support for Arts Education Month!

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Arts Education Month is also supported, in part, by a grant from ArtsWA and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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