Our Members

Our work would not be possible without the support from the following schools, non-profit organizations, local arts agencies, businesses, and individuals. Thank you for your support and commitment to arts education!


Anacortes School District
Arts Supervisor Office of OSPI
Burley Glenwood Elementary
Carnation Elementary+
Cornish College of the Arts
Discovery High School
East Port Orchard Elementary+
Edmonds Community College
Elk Plain School of Choice
Explorer Academy
Ferrucci Junior High
Frederickson Elementary+
Friday Harbor Elementary
Kennydale Elementary
Richard Gordon Elementary
Manchester Elementary
Muckleshoot Tribal School
Olalla Elementary
Orchard Heights Elementary+
Parkwood Elementary+
Redmond High School Drama Boosters
Spanaway Elementary
Seattle Academy of Arts & Sciences
Sidney Glen Elementary
South Colby Elementary
South Kitsap High School
Sunnyslope Elementary+
Westwood Elementary
Whitson Elementary

Super Schools

Adams Elementary+
Black Diamond Elementary^
Blix Elementary*
Carson Elementary*
Dearborn Park Elementary*
Enterprise Elementary**
Franklin Elementary**
Garfield Elementary*
Grant Center for the Expressive Arts*
Green Gables Elementary*
Kimball Elementary^
Madrona K-8**
Meeker Elementary**
Northeast Tacoma Elementary
Rocky Ridge Elementary+
South Shore K-8*
Southwood Elementary+
Spinning Elementary^
Stafford Elementary+
Van Asselt Elementary^
Viewlands Elementary**
Whitman Elementary*

*PAL Year 1 School
**PAL Year 2 School
^PAL Year 3 School
+PAL Alum

Non-Profit Members

911 Media Arts Center
Arts Impact
Bellevue Youth Symphony Orchestra
Book-It Repertory Theatre
Creative Dance Center
Dale and Leslie Chihuly Foundation
EMP Museum
Henry Art Gallery
Jack Straw Productions
Living Voices
Maple Valley Youth Symphony Orchestra
Museum of Northwest Art
Northwest Opera In Schools, Etc.
Pacific Ballroom Dance
Pacific Northwest Ballet
Pottery Northwest
Powerful Schools
PT Artscape
Seattle Art Museum Education Department
Seattle Chamber Singers
Seattle Dance Project
Seattle Gilbert & Sullivan Society
Seattle Repertory Theatre
Seattle Theatre Group
Simple Measures
Studio East Training for the Performing Arts
Tacoma Art Museum
Tacoma Youth Symphony Association
The Esoterics
Village Theatre
Washington Music Educators Association
Washington State Arts Alliance
Washington State Thespian Society
Wing-It Productions

Local Arts Agencies

Allied Arts of Whatcom County
Auburn Arts Commission
Edmonds Arts Commission
Renton Arts Commission
Sammamish Arts Commission
Shoreline-LFP Arts Council

Business Members

Daily Bird Pottery
Henry Bischofberger Violins
Mills Music, Inc.
J.W. Pepper

In Memoriam

Andrea Allen; ArtsEd Washington Board President. Gift made anonymously.

Andrea Allen; ArtsEd Washington Board President.  Gift made by Barbara McKean.

Andrea Allen; ArtsEd Washington Board President.  Gift made by Nicole Stellner & Peter Ederhardy.

Natalie Malone; a promising artist. Gift made by Laurie Brown.

Burt A. Towne; a life-long arts educator. Gift made by Nicole Stellner & Peter Eberhardy.

Founders’ Circle

Andrea Allen*
Kathleen P. Allen
Sue Anderson
Susan Aurand
Anne Banks*
Frank & Denise Catalano*
Daisy Chapman
Bob Cooper
Kristen Corning-Bedford*
Deborah Currier
Lauren Domino*
Sue Elliott
Phyllis Ennes
Julia Garnett
Adina Gillett*
Sam Hayes
Lisa Jaret*
Gretchen Johnston
AnnRené Joseph
Jon Jurich*
Todd Langton*
Gina May
Una McAlinden*
Doug Poage
Charles Rathbun
Colleen Rozillis*
Michael Sandner*
Roxanne K. Shepherd*
Bryce Van Parys
Annette Woolsey

*Current Board Member

Individual Members

Ronald Adkins
James Andrews
Gina & Tim Anstey
Mari Atkinson
Scott Babin, DDS
Claudia Bach
Christine Bateman
Kurt Beattie
Norma Bedford
Karen Bell-Hanson
Carol Brewster
Vicky Broback
Alan Burke
Carolyn Butler
David Campbell
Christina Caravaglio
Jessica Case
Ted Chamberlain
Cynthia Chesak
Margaret Chodos-Irvine
Carol Coe
Jack Cornwall
Judy Cornwall
Susan Doyle
Rebekah Drapkin
Meredith Essex
Catherine Filippini
Jana Fisher
Terry Fitzgerald
Shelley Flores
Dina Franz
Mary Jane Fraser
Audrey Freudenberg
Carmen Gadison
B. Candy Gamble
Anne Gilbert
Terry Goetz
Alan Goodin
Gay Gorden
Carol Gould
D. Therese Griffing
Bruce Hall
Margaret Hall
Eve Hammond
Joanne Harding
Nicolette Harrington
Marie Harris
Rachel Harris
Keri Healey
Margot Hightower
Toni Hoffman
Jessica Holloway
Mary Lou Hunt
Kristen Hurst
Brian Jackson
Joyce Jaime
Teresa Jeffreys
Moe Jerome
Gretchen Johnston
Janel Kageler
Janice Karroll
Mimi Katano
Karen Kaushansky
Susan Keith
Jeanne Kohl-Welles
Gregory Kusnick
Cynthia La Mere-Kelly
Mary Langholz
Liz Law
Mireya Lewin
James Lourie
Mike Lowery
David & Michelle Massey
Tessa Matthey
Helen Maynard
Amy McBride
Andrew McMasters
Aimee Mell
Benjamin Moore
Melissa Nelson
Robin Nelson
Eileen Newton
Nancy Nole
Catherine Oberg
Cate Palmer
Leslie Pease
Linda Petersen
Deborah Phillips
Carolyn & Geoff Proehl
Nikki Przasnyski
Jennifer Rice
Elise Richman
Andrew Robertson
Susan Royce-Duncan
Roger Sample
Welling Savo Justin
Pam Schroeder
Kristi Shafer
Laura Shepherd
Sue Stewart
Thomas Stewart
David & Marcie Stone
Naomi Strom-Avila
Carol Stumpf
Margaret Swain
Marty Taucher
Kris Tucker
Carrie Van Buren
Ann Varkados
David Weatherred
Amanda Lee Williams

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  • It’s a win for every student and every school!

    State Board of Education Approves Increased Arts Requirements for High School Graduation The Board’s decision helped culminate a week-long national celebration of the arts, as schools, students, and communities [...]

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  • Check out Art Lessons in the Classroom

    ArtsEd Washington developed Art Lessons in the Classroom to provide visual art curriculum for elementary schools that is aligned with Washington state standards.This comprehensive and sequential visual arts curriculum provides an excellent foundation in visual arts concepts.

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  • Title I panel

    At the National Title I Conference in San Diego in early February, ArtsEd Washington presented on using the arts to improve student and school success with a panel of principals who used ArtsEd Washington’s Principals Arts Leadership (PAL) program to transform their own Title I schools. The Title I program aims to bridge the achievement gap between low-income students and other students by providing supplemental federal funding to underachieving schools to meet the needs of at-risk students.

    Three principals shared their experiences working with the PAL program in Title I schools including Tracye Ferguson (formerly of Franklin Elementary and now Director of Title I/Early Learning for Tacoma Public Schools), Alan Matsumoto (Garfield Elementary in Yakima), and Farah Thaxton (formerly of Madrona K-8 in Seattle). ArtsEd Washington Executive Director Una McAlinden moderated the panel as they offered their leadership perspective and insights on how arts learning and specifically the PAL program has helped them improve their schools and can impact students and schools statewide. The session was introduced with pride by Gayle Pauley, Title I Director of Washington’s Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

    “Integrating arts education strategies in reading, mathematics, and the sciences is having a positive impact on the achievement of students who are struggling academically. Title I, Part A programs are demonstrating how this integration has a positive impact on student achievement,” said Pauley. “I am a musician myself and know first-hand the impact arts education has on student success.”

    Like many other schools across Washington State, Garfield, Madrona, and Franklin have used the PAL program to grow their arts capacities, impacting overall academic success, school culture, and student/family engagement. The panel shared their experiences in building effective arts plans, visions, and real world tactics to turn their schools into vibrant, successful places for their students to engage and learn. The session also covered tangible strategies to advance this instructional change and demonstrated a simple infrastructure for team-building, vision development, and planning for student success.

    “Including the arts in the school day improves student engagement, academic achievement, attendance, graduation rates, and overall success,” commented McAlinden. “The fact that our session was chosen for this national conference demonstrates the growing understanding among education leaders that the arts are a path to both student and school success.”

    The goal of the PAL program is to empower schools to create the fundamental systemic change that will ensure that the arts play a vital role in a complete education for all students, now and for years to come. PAL trains principals, as instructional leaders in all areas of curriculum, to expand their own capacities in arts leadership, to develop arts teams, visions, and plans, and to implement concrete strategies to integrate and sustain arts instruction for every student in every school.

    Thaxton’s experience at Madrona K-8, where more than three quarters of the students fall below the poverty line, demonstrated the remarkable impact of arts learning.  Citing more confident, engaged, and perseverant students at Madrona (which had limited arts offerings before she began work with the PAL program), Thaxton observes that the climate and culture of the school were transformed by the arts. She also sings the praises of the professional development she received through the program.

    Notes Thaxton, “It was one of the most focused professional development experiences I’ve had as a principal. PAL brought everybody’s voice together and was a key strategy in our success.”

    ArtsEd Washington is currently in the process of revamping the PAL program to be implemented at a district-wide level instead of the slower school-by-school approach. As part of the Creative Advantage, Seattle Public Schools has just begun implementation of PAL in its Central Pathway and will continue rollout to the whole district over the next few years.

    For more information, call 206-441-4501 or contact Una McAlinden at una@artsedwashington. 

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