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We are the collective voice of every parent, every teacher, every Washington citizen who believes that the arts are critical to a 21st century education. And we need YOU in our connected, collaborative community. Individual support drives our ability to advocate, innovate, and ensure that every school has high-quality, sustainable arts learning at every grade level for every student. So join us in our advocacy and contribute to the cause today!

YOU can make it possible for all students to receive the arts education that every student deserves.

As an individual supporter of ArtsEd Washington, you will receive:

  • Priority invitations to all our events and donor-only programs
  • Tools that can help you become a grassroots advocate for the arts in your community
  • Access to the latest research on arts education to help you support your school’s curriculum building and fundraising efforts
  • Online access to our website resources
  • Opportunities to connect with schools and arts education providers to ask questions, share ideas, and participate

Start changing lives for Washington students with a gift of any amount. Select a specific giving level or make a gift that works for you. Every donation makes a difference.

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