Teacher Testimonials of Art Lessons in the Classroom

“The lessons help teach the students that not everyone has to do things the same way.  This can be a challenge for younger children at first but as they get used to doing the arts lessons, they become proud of their work and I have seen how this builds their confidence in other learning areas as well.”
– Claire Eaton, Riverview School District

“I enjoyed the lesson on spatial relationships.  The students really understood both the art concepts and the math concepts. All students, of all abilities, were able to complete the project and felt successful and proud.”
– Teacher, Riverview School District

“The classroom instruction is far more aligned and consistent.  Now we know that all of our kids get a basic foundation, not just from teachers who like arts.  It was always hit or miss before.  Now all kids can get the basics.”– Teacher, White Salmon School District

“Our state assessment scores have gone up more than 20 points in the last three years. I really think the arts curriculum helps deepen all lessons.  If you’re teaching a math concept and you paint it, draw it, and make it in clay, you understand that concept a lot more.”
– Teacher, Riverview School District

The Arts Lessons in the Classroom training was very useful for our teachers. It gave them confidence and helped to underscore the validity of the curriculum’s scope and sequence of lessons.  One of the most valuable parts of the curriculum is the layout of the lesson plans.  They are very comprehensive and easy to follow.  They lay out vocabulary, materials, additional resources and show you what the students should be doing and what the teacher should be doing so that the focus of the lesson is clear and the outcomes are achievable.”
– Stephenie Going, White Salmon School District

Curriculum Implementation and Teacher Training Assessment EXCERPT OF SUMMARY OF RESULTS

An evaluation of ArtsEd Washington’s Art Lessons in the Classroom from schools and districts using the lessons. October 2011.

Curriculum Implementation and Teacher Training Assessment – EXCERPT OF SUMMARY OF RESULTS