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ArtsEd Washington delivers Common Core State Standards aligned, visual arts curriculum for teachers and schools through Art Lessons in the Classroom.

Art Lessons in the Classroom supports schools and teachers in providing visual arts instruction to students.

Through a series of visual art lessons for kindergarten through grade six, foundational concepts, skills, and processes are presented within a developmentally aligned learning continuum.  While primarily integrated with literacy, Art Lessons in the Classroom also connects to concepts in math, science, and social studies.

Download the Art Lessons in the Classroom info sheet.

Our art lessons are aligned with Common Core State Standards in math or language arts, as well as Washington State Essential Academic Learning Requirements for Students (EALRs).

Activities promote problem solving and critical thinking through an active and engaging approach to teaching, learning, and assessment.  Students develop knowledge and skills, while creatively investigating a broad range of art materials and artistic processes.  They also explore meaningful connections and concepts shared between visual art and reading, writing, communication, and mathematics.

Download these detailed descriptions of how ALIC lessons address multiple Common Core standards:

How the Art Lessons Align with Common Core Standards in ELA 

How the Art Lessons Align with Common Core Standards in Math 

This comprehensive and sequential arts curriculum provides an excellent foundation in visual arts concepts. Key elements include:

  • Fully aligned with state arts learning standards while integrating literacy and math concepts
  • Comprised of 70 lessons – 10 per grade level – with additional lesson expansions in each unit
  • Parent letters, teacher assessments, CD versions of all lesson plans, grade-level handbooks, and an aligned EALR map for each lesson
  • Three customized introductory workshops for teachers to support classroom implementation
  • Online teaching resources that include images from the following Washington state collections: 4Culture, City of Redmond, Frye Art Museum, Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture, Seattle Art Museum, Tacoma Art Museum, and ArtsWA
  • An online discussion forum giving teachers an opportunity to collaborate on lessons, share student work, make cross-curricular connections, and access teaching resources
  • Exclusive online video demonstrations and photos demonstrating skills and techniques directly from the lessons.

Watch a video demonstration from the online portal.


Learn more about Art Lessons in the Classroom

Learn about the art lessons in each grade level, view sample lessons, and share our Art Lessons in the Classroom fact sheet. Hear from teachers who use the Art Lessons in the Classroom curriculum, and learn how it’s impacted their students.

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Please note that because we focus our work on creating systemic change in how the arts are taught, Art Lessons in the Classroom curriculum and materials are only available as a complete school set, and are not sold on an individual basis.

Development and piloting of these lessons was made possible with support from: