“Art Lessons in the Classroom”: ArtsEd Washington Curriculum Portal

6th Grade

Critical thinking, collaboration, and creative problem solving are highlighted in these lessons. Engaging artistic processes presented include watercolor glazing, narrative textile collage, portraiture in charcoal, architectural drawing, and subtractive clay sculpture. Students also synthesize information through describing, analyzing and interpreting art within a formal writing process.

Resource: 6th Grade Common Core Standards

  1. Lesson 1: Nonrepresentational Shapes
  2. Lesson 2: Analogous Colors
  3. Lesson 3: Beginning, Middle and End
  4. Lesson 4: Values in Profiles
  5. Lesson 5: Views in Architecture
  6. Lesson 6: Playing with Scale
  7. Lesson 7: Multiple Views in Columns
  8. Lesson 8: What is Real and What is Not
  9. Lesson 9: Ideas and Synthesis
  10. Lesson 10: Appropriation and Persuasion