“Art Lessons in the Classroom”: ArtsEd Washington Curriculum Portal

Additional Resources Coming Soon: A Field Trip in the Classroom

By the end of 2011, you will be able to show your students examples from Washington artists of the styles and techniques that they are learning in the Art Lessons. Artists and museums from around the state have given permission for selected works to be used in the Art Lessons Curriculum Portal

If you are teaching your 5th graders Lesson 2  Geometric and Random Shapes, this website will include a picture you can show of Harold Balazs’ Back from Egypt, which combines geometric and random shapes.  If you are teaching kindergarteners Lesson 8 Primary Colors, use a computer projector to show them the primary colors in Jacob Lawrence’s Games.

These pieces, from public collections, public spaces and museums throughout Washington, will be here to enhance your teaching of the Art Lessons through your subscription to the Curriculum Portal. The next time your students see one of these pieces in person at the Tacoma Art Museum, SAM, the MAC, the Frye, the City of Redmond or elsewhere, they will have a stronger connection to the artwork and artistry thanks to you!