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Lesson 7: Selecting a Palette

Description of Project:
Students use a variety of brushstrokes to purposefully create a painting in a limited and broad palette. (Teach in multiple sessions.)

Problem to Solve:
How does changing the range of color change the work of art?

Student Understanding:
Selecting a broad or narrow palette can change the effect of a work of art.

Learning Standards:
Visual Art
1.1.a Brainstorm collaboratively multiple approaches to an art or design problem.

1.2.a Mark art or design with various materials and tools to explored personal interests, questions, and curiosity.

2.1.a Experiment with various materials and tools to explore personal interests in a work of art or design.

2.2.a Demonstrate safe procedures for using and cleaning art tools, equipment, and studio spaces.

3.a Discuss and reflect with peers about choices made in creating artwork.

4.a Categorize artwork based on a theme or concept for an exhibit.

9.a Use learned art vocabulary to express preferences about the art-work.

Common Core ELA
2.RI.9. Compare and contrast the most important points presented by two texts on the same topic.
2.SL.2 Recount or describe key ideas or details from a text read aloud or information presented orally or through other media.

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