About Cultural Access Washington (CAWA)

A cultural access program is a publicly funded program established to expand access to cultural organizations, such as arts, heritage, and scientific organizations. Passed and signed into law in 2015, our state’s Cultural Access Program authorizes any county in Washington State to put before the voters a measure to provide sustainable funding to increase access to cultural, science and heritage organizations in that county through a .1% increase in sales tax or a similarly sized property tax increase.

In King County, the program is anticipated for the August 2017 primary ballot. Funds would be administered by 4Culture and supported by the sales tax option. The program will increase access to larger non-profit organizations and smaller, community-based groups for public school students and the geographically and/or economically underserved.

Key Benefits: Some of the benefits include expanded arts and cultural experiences at schools or on-site, leverage for in-school education through curriculum-aligned cultural, scientific, and heritage activities, and funds for transportation for every public school student to attend or participate in cultural and scientific educational activities, every year.

Learn more about Cultural Access Washington here.


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